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Doemi - Biscottificio


This story begins with an ancient recipe
that Grandfather Emilio used to pull out in special moments,
to amaze relatives to friends.

It is the recipe for a biscuit that over the years has kept alive the knowledge of fathers enriching them for their children.
Guardian of a tradition that has never ceased to amaze.

The passion for the good things, simple because natural, of the d'Onofrio family, has thus become a reference, a heritage of knowledge that today we find enclosed in the goodness of cookies Doemi.

Tradition but also continuous research in the exploration of new flavors and new raw materials that point to the excellence of an already excellent product that never ceases to improve. With time, the famous biscuit of Grandfater Emilio who started production, his nephew Eugene has approached a whole new line of specialties.

The Doemi today are produced in many different types, all attentive to the tastes and needs of those he has always loved them and those who are still discovering them. Not just cookies but also cupcakes and one small range of savory snacks, to always accompany you in a break with an authentic taste of home.